At GLS we aim to provide the best and most welcoming service possible. Combine that with the highest standards of kit prep and maintenance, a wide variety of regularly updating stock, and the most accommodating of attitudes, we aim to make every hire from us bring you a smile.

So who is behind the Magic ?

Let us introduce ourselves (in no particular order!)



With over 30 years' experience in a wide range of Live Events, Festivals and Touring, you will always be in good hands.


Likes: Lights, gin, diving.


30+ years in the live industry, Jac would like to think of it as like being 21 again....just with a couple more years' experience.


Likes: Keeping music live, attention to detail, wine.

Group Development

Decades of experience from the world of numbers and people who stereotypically wear grey suits (we’re not allowed to mention the ‘Accountancy’ word), Mick is our breath of fresh air in the ‘businessy’ side of things at GLS, providing strategic development and forward vision not just to us, but to all the companies in our bigger family.


Likes: (not limited to) beers, sports and holidays


Technical Project Manager

A master of all things with plans, moving parts or that need to dangle above you.

Wil has spent many years as a touring lighting technician, so whatever your requirements are, he will always fully understand how to make it happen.

Likes: Playing pool, Poker, JD and C.

Operations Manager

Overall coordinator of all operational aspects of GLS

A previous life in manufacturing, stock control and time sensitive deliveries,  Jake is the calm behind The Machine and oversees all our logistical/operational requirements, ensuring you are always in good hands.

Likes: Everything to be in its right place

Project Development Manager

The creator of new opportunities and better customer experience

A hands on and varied background in our industry spanning 30years, Rachel is the perfect person to enhance customer relations and grow GLS’ areas of expertise so we can offer a higher level and wider range of service to our customers

Likes: Fine wines, a decent steak, dogs & holidays

Management Accountant

Hannah looks after the accounting and finance for the business,  so the rest of us can concentrate on making your show the best it can be .  Outside of the office, she loves to keep fit with her dog and horses and enjoys dining out with friends and family.

Likes: fine dining and countryside air

HR Consultant

Meet our 'People Person'

Louise advises us on the employment world and legal side so that we can concentrate on the sparkly things that make your event special, hence making her an essential part of team GLS.  Outside of work she enjoys spending time with her family on many different adventures!

Likes: walking, shopping and chocolate

Your name here?
Project Manager

GLS are always keeping an eye out for new people to join our team. 

If you have what it takes to be  Project Manager, or if you are an existing Project Manager wanting a change of scene - we'd love to hear from you . 

In either case: please email your interest to

Head of Warehouse

Ring Master & Wizard of all things Warehouse 

A long term member of the GLS warehouse team, there is very little kit within our walls that he doesn't know personally, and on a microscopic level. Whilst ensuring warehouse and equipment is kept 'tickety boo', Joe has eyes everywhere it seems, but in doing so, he acts as a fountain of GLS kit knowledge to our newer and less experienced warehouse technicians at every level. 



Likes: Fine ales, live music.

Senior Warehouse Technician

Tamer of motors 

Simon comes to us from a background that includes building stages and working in a variety of very different venues - both indoors and out. With such a  wide range of 'hands on' experience, he brings practical 'know how' to every prep and deprep, knowing personally how the little things in the comfort of a warehouse if missed, can really ruin your day in the field. Now heading up our motor inspections, you can be sure that every motor hire is expertly prepped and ready for its next outing.

Likes: Festivals, Live Music, Motorbikes

Anna (she/her)
Senior Warehouse Technician

The Aspiring Polymath

From very early doors of our now well established work experience scheme,  Anna’s enthusiasm for the job in hand was (and still is) absolutely impossible to much so she became part of our full time GLS team. 

Working up through the ranks in following years, Anna now heads up our Consoles, Networking and Follow-Me support team, as well as overseeing long term rental Servicing.  If you have a question on any of these topics - it will be Anna to your assistance.

Likes:   to use her own words,  ‘I can eat a few chicken nuggets….’

Casual Warehouse Technician

Queen of the Forklift

Originally from an entertainments/dancing background, and having performed in some of the most prestigious theatres in the land, Allison is one of our longest serving members of Team Warehouse, racking up over 14 years! Her first hand experience in the dazzle of lights, combined with years as a warehouse technician, means your kit is always prepped by someone who really cares about the end result.


Likes: Dancing, anything 1950’s, Pimms

Avery (she/they)
Warehouse Technician

Virtuoso of the trampoline

Adept and keen to turn a hand to any task at hand, Avery is joined our little circus from a background in customer service, and also qualifications in Production Arts. There is no job carried out without a smile, a laugh, or a certain amount of banter.

If you want to keep up as they bounce around the warehouse – you’ll have to get in training!

Likes: Cider.....especially if you're buying it!


Casual Warehouse Technician

The Gate Keeper

J.P comes to us from years of service in other (potentially more messy) parts of the Entertainments industry. Years of security and doorman work means he is the perfect voice of calm in a busy warehouse environment - not much phases him. His methodical outlook means your show is prepped with the care and attention that it rightly deserves, every time.

Just make sure your name is on the list though - or you are not coming in   😉


Likes: a decent ale or two in down time

FA2 rigging harness kit model

Now available at GLS - the FA2 harness riggers kit - designed by riggers for riggers!

This package has all you need to get started (apart from training of course!) and complies with all the necessary regulations and comes to you at £379.99 INC VAT. Pop in to see Doris modelling one or drop us a line at

Comprises an FA2 P90C safety harness, 1 x ABM-T energy absorber with double web lanyard and scaff carabiners, 1 x Prot-4 work positioning lanyard, 1 x Safety hard hat with retractable safety goggles, 2 x fixed sling, 2 x carabiner, kit bag and tote bag.  NOTE: Doris' clothes and high vis not included - they are just there to protect modesty, and to give contrast to see the items!

Your name here?
Casual Warehouse Technician / Driver

GLS are always keen to hear from anyone who would like to become part of  our Casual warehouse tech team. Maybe you have existing skills or experience you think we can use? Maybe you just fancy a change in career, and are keen and willing to learn fast.  In either case drop a line with your CV to and tell us a bit more about yourself. 

Equally if you are licensed and experienced in driving vans or 18t vehicles (and hold CPC if it is an HGV qualification)....we'd love to hear from you!

Electrical or service & install experience?  Get in touch!


…..and of course on site we are lucky to have a large rostra of fine freelancers to ensure the set up, show and take down runs smoothly every time.

(Editor: Getting a photo of each and every one of our freelancers is pretty much impossible though – apologies)