At GLS we aim to provide the best and most welcoming service possible. Combine that with the highest standards of kit prep and maintenance, a wide variety of regularly updating stock, and the most accommodating of attitudes, we aim to make every hire from us bring you a smile.

So who is behind the Magic ?

Let us introduce ourselves (in no particular order!)

(Edit: well, for now, we’ll introduce those of us that we have actually managed to pin down long enough for a photo….more to come!) 


With over 25 years' experience in a wide range of Live Events, Festivals and Touring, you will always be in good hands.

Likes: Lights, gin, diving.


25+ years in the live industry, Jac would like to think of it as like being 21 again....just with a couple more years' experience.

Likes: Keeping music live, attention to detail, wine.

Group Development

Decades of experience from the world of numbers and people who stereotypically wear grey suits (we’re not allowed to mention the ‘Accountancy’ word), Mick is our breath of fresh air in the ‘businessy’ side of things at GLS, providing strategic development and forward vision not just to us, but to all the companies in our new bigger family.

Likes: (not limited to) beers, sports and holidays

Technical Project Manager

A master of all things with plans, moving parts or that need to dangle above you.

Wil has spent many years as a touring lighting technician, so whatever your requirements are, he will always fully understand how to make it happen.

Likes: Playing pool, Poker, JD and C.

Hire Desk Coordinator

Gate keeper to many shiny toys.

Miles is at the forefront looking after our dry hire/ rental desk - so whatever kit you may find yourself in need of - he's the man who can look after you.

Likes: Skiing, Event Production, Watersports and Toffee YumYums.

Your name here?
Admin Assistant & Operations Coordinator

Due to one of our lovely ladies leaving to be a mother, we now have a vacancy for this position. If you would like to be part of a vibrant team, providing Admin support to our projects, and taking care of vehicle and crew movements, please get in touch !

Fire an email and CV to: and we'll get you more info and an application pack.

Head of Warehouse

Ring Master & Wizard of all things Warehouse 

A long term member of the GLS warehouse team, there is very little kit within our walls that he doesn't know personally, and on a microscopic level. Whilst ensuring warehouse and equipment is kept 'tickety boo', Joe also acts as a fountain of GLS kit knowledge to our newer and less experienced warehouse technicians at every level.



Likes: Fine ales, live music.

Senior Warehouse Technician

Tamer of motors 

Simon comes to us from a background that includes building stages and working in a variety of very different venues - both indoors and out. With such a  wide range of 'hands on' experience, he brings practical 'know how' to every prep and deprep, knowing personally how the little things in the comfort of a warehouse if missed, can really ruin your day in the field. Now heading up our motor inspections, you can be sure that every motor hire is expertly prepped and ready for its next outing.

Likes: Festivals, Live Music, Motorbikes

Warehouse Technician

Queen of the Forklift

Originally from an entertainments/dancing background, and having performed in some of the most prestigious theatres in the land, Allison is one of our longest serving members of Team Warehouse, racking up nearly 10 years! Her first hand experience in the dazzle of lights, combined with years as a warehouse technician, means your kit is always prepped by someone who really cares about the end result.


Likes: Dancing, anything 1950’s, Pimms

Casual Warehouse technician

One of our fine Circus contributors

Sam joined us from the first year of a work experience scheme GLS has started in partnership with a local college.  His enthusiasm and interest for the industry has clearly survived the work experience week, and even the summer clean up after muddy festivals! We are now really happy that he is a regular contributor to GLS Team Warehouse.


Likes: Music, Cider ('in moderation' he claims) 

Casual Warehouse Technician

Charmer of cables (amongst other things!)

Another one of our regular warehouse casuals, Sean came to us with a rounded background of sound and lighting from a company not too far away. Alongside the rest of Team Warehouse, Sean helps with day to day (and occasional night to night) prep/deprep to ensure everything reaches you in the best condition possible.


Likes: Food, more food, drinks and games

Casual Warehouse Technician

Juggler Extraoridinare

Sam juggles (magnificently) his own freelance work in lighting, sound and even backline alongside being a regular GLS warehouse prep/deprep contributor, and one of our field freelancers too.  With eyes on the ground out on shows – we have nowhere to hide! Team warehouse has their own personal inside reporter to let us know how we are doing, and if anything different could be done to make it even better in the field.

Likes: Coffee, wine, decent pubs.

FA2 rigging harness kit model

Now available at GLS - the FA2 harness riggers kit - designed by riggers for riggers!

This package has all you need to get started (apart from training of course!) and complies with all the necessary regulations and comes to you at £379.99 INC VAT. Pop in to see Doris modelling one or drop us a line at

Comprises an FA2 P90C safety harness, 1 x ABM-T energy absorber with double web lanyard and scaff carabiners, 1 x Prot-4 work positioning lanyard, 1 x Safety hard hat with retractable safety goggles, 2 x fixed sling, 2 x carabiner, kit bag and tote bag.  NOTE: Doris, clothes and high vis not included - they are just there to protect modesty, and to give contrast to see the items!