A wide range of rigging solutions are stocked by GLS Lighting to provide for your every need: a wide range of stands, larger scale ground support, industry standard chain hoists, controllers and a variety of truss systems to suit any event.

All our rigging is subjected to testing to conform with LOLER requirements.

Dry Hire of rigging is on a restricted basis.

Please call for more information.


  • CM Lodestar hoist 1t, 2t
  • CM Prostar hoist, 250kg
  • EXE rise hoist, 1t
  • GIS LP500 D8+ hoist, 500kg
  • Manual chainblock
  • SRS AHD12 -LV Motor controller 12way
  • SRS AHD24 -LV Motor controller 24way


  • Prolyte MPT Tower ground support system
  • Alptek 5500 5.5m/200kg stand
  • Mobiltech SP2 4.5m/85kg stand
  • Manfrotto 3.8m/35kg windup stand
  • X-base/Plate base for 20”/PRT/Prolyte H30V
  • Tank traps and low stands


  • HOFFORK 350MLT2 Moving Head Pre Rig truss 1.60m/5ft – black
  • HOFFORK 350MLT2 Moving Head Pre Rig truss 2.40m/8ft – black
  • James Thomas double hung parcan pre rig truss
  • Litec QL52A 52cm truss – black
  • Milos M390B QLTF LED truss (5 chord, 40cm) truss – black
  • Milos M290B Duo (30cm Ladder truss) – black
  • OPTI Trilite 100 decorative truss
  • Prolyte H30V 30cm truss
  • Prolyte H40V 40cm truss
  • Prolyte X30D triangular truss
  • Prolyte S52F heavy duty folding truss
  • Tomcat 20.5”x20.5” plated GP truss
  • Litedeck decking in all shapes and sizes (incl curves), treads, handrails etc