Over the years GLS Lighting has worked with a wide variety of artists from all genres of music, and some of the most exciting Lighting Designers in the business.  GLS offers the latest technology, combined with the back up and support you depend on to produce a first class show every time.


Thin Lizzy TourWhether it’s a simple floor package for newer bands, an arena system for established artists, or a cost effective solution to mainstream touring throughout Europe and beyond, GLS has established a reputation for quality gear, first class technicians and a dependable backup team.


Smooth Running

A well prepped rig is vital to the smooth running of the ever hectic first show. To this end GLS offers over 3,000 sq. ft. of space dedicated to the prep of tours, a separate visitors’ office with allocated desks and internet connection for that extra last advance/WYSIWYG you may need to do, bus landline and parking for that first pickup, and of course, the ever welcome cup of tea.


GLS – Big enough to provide, small enough to still care