Data distribution: Chamsys Snakesys R4
Chamsys Snakesys R4

With an ever growing reliance on moving head technology, data distribution is becoming as (if not more) important as well designed power distribution. 

Gone are the days of a single Universe lighting rig!


Here at GLS we can provide some great solutions, and in some cases cunningly pre-racked for you to cover everything you want . 

Why not hire our 8 way Stage Data Rack which comprises of a Luminex GigaGore12 managed network switch, a Luminex DMX8 Ethernet-DMX 8 MkII  8 way node (+ Back up) aswell as  8 ways of DMX splitter by Avolites, a get out of jail free ProLights 4way 3/5pin dmx splitter, AND and a cheeky drawer full of Granite Audio comms. What’s not to like?

Why Compromise?


  • Pre built 8 way Stage Data Rack – Luminex managed switch and 8 way node (+B/U) 9 ways DMX splitter, comms, UPS
  • Chamsys Snakesys R4 – 4 Universe Rack Mount Node
  • Chamsys Snakesys T2 – 2 Universe Truss Mount DMX Node
  • Luminex GigaCore12 managed network switch (12way ethercon)
  • Luminex DMX8 Ethernet-DMX 8 Mk II
  • LumenRadio CRMX Outdoor Flex Wireless DMX
  • City Theatrical Wireless Show DMX System

DMX splitters from Avolites (rack and truss mounted), Work and Prolights.

Comms systems by Granite Sound, Canford Audio and Stonewood.

100m Multicores from 2 way to 8way, dual power feeds, 150m fibre, CAT7,  and sneak snake for the odd ‘get out of jail free card’ when really needed.