generic lighting and theatrical stock all available at GLS

In order to service our theatrical and corporate clients as well as the old favourite rock and roll shows, GLS Lighting carries a full range of generic lighting products, a few of which are detailed here.

In addition to the industry favourites, a complete range of products designed specifically for outdoor use is also available, so the look of your event can be achieved both outside and in.





    • Fresnel Flood PC – full range from 250W to 5Kw
    • Par64 single/floorcan/bar6/bar4/ACL
    • Par56 single/floorcan/bar4
    • ETC Source4 Par
    • ETC Source4 750W Profile
    • Selecon SPX Zoom Profile 15-30 and 25-50deg
    • Molefay 8lite/4lite/4lite linear/2lite
    • Par16 Birdie
    • Par 36 pinspot
    • Portman P1
    • Robert Juliat followspots: Alex, Foxie, Korrighan, Aramis, Cyrano, Ivanhoe, Manon, Lancelot
    • Robe Patt 2013 softlight
    • Showtec Vintage Blaze ’55
    • Source4 750W followspot
    • 150W/400W MBI IP65 fitting with coloured lamps
    • 150/500W Halogen flood
    • Outdoor IP rated Par64
    • IP rated LED pealight strings
    • Tungsten lamp Festoon strings