Where’s my Christmas card??

Just one working week to go before we break for Christmas….and forgive us for not sending you a Christmas card, it’s not that we don’t care – in fact, it’s because we do!

Every year at this time GLS try and do something positive with the money that may otherwise be spent on Christmas hampers, or bits of card that ultimately end up in the bin. Over the past few years we have been investing the card money with microfinance operation Lend with Care. The money gets loaned to low income micro entrepreneurs to try and help them work their way out of poverty . When the loan gets repaid, the money is re-loaned again and again to help benefit even more people who find themselves in a similar situation.

So far the GLS Christmas card fund has made 121 loans , helping 460 micro entrepreneurs , creating 247 jobs, and helped a total of 2,313 people. Not bad for a bit of cardboard eh?

Take a look at the link below, maybe you want to join in this rather worthwhile scheme.

We’d like to take this opportunity to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Stay safe and here’s to 2024 being a good one for everyone!

To those still working hard – GLS is open as normal except for:
Monday 25th December – closed
Tuesday 26th December – closed
Monday 1st January – closed