The Collective Sessions @Millennium

GLS Lighting is delighted to be a part of this new cooperative streaming space – The Collective Sessions at Millennium. The Collective Sessions aims to generate income for music industry freelancers and smaller businesses while offering an affordable option for artists to broadcast high-production value live streams. The facilities in place are highly flexible and can quickly adapt from a single performer to a 15m wide full stage set up. We have a streaming partner on board if needed who can monetise this and make it a revenue earner for our visiting artists and the entire set up is designed to be highly affordable.

Situated in the prestigious Millennium Studio A, one hour from London this ready to use facility is fully Covid-Secure. The benefit of a studio setting provides full isolation between artists, artist crew and house crew. Millennium also houses a Covid-19 research facility on site so you know you are in safe hands.

Its going to be a quiet summer without all our usual festivals so its time to headline your own festival the weather cant ruin at The Collective Sessions.

For more info please drop us a line. Also take a look at the article in the IQ mag link here:

The Collective Sessions is an effort between tour managers, suppliers and technicians to provide a high-production value, Covid-safe performance space