Now available for sale at GLS: Wingnut spanners!

Wingnut Spanner

Sometimes wingnuts and associated clamps just need to be a little bit tighter, shackle pins need to come undone without resorting to bashing it on the nearest solid item, and there is never a bottle opener to hand when you want it.

With this in mind – we are very happy to offer for sale the Wingnut Spanner for a mere £13.50 +VAT each

The slim profile of this particular design ensures it sits well in your pocked with steel thick enough that we have yet to see one break or deform given normal tasks.

Designed to fulfill the daily needs of life on the road without needing multiple tools, they deal with most standard hookclamps, halfcouplers, M10 and M12 fixings, sticky shackle pins, moving light clamps and of course they make an ideal beverage release tool too.

Please ensure you are using the correct clamp or fitting for the task in hand and be careful not to damage the pipe or truss on which your rig relies! 

Very tight doesn’t automatically make it Very safe! 

The spanner also contains a handy lanyard fixing point , so you can save it from falling out of your pocket unnoticed!

Why not pick yourself up one next time you are visiting GLS?