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About GLS Lighting

Southampton based GLS Lighting has aspired from its humble beginnings in 1995 to become a renowned and valued provider of stage lighting to all walks of the entertainment industry.

Complete Service

Encompassing all aspects of show lighting, GLS offers complete systems right from the design stages up to the final event state to suit every individual client’s needs.

Quality, Dependability & Sustainability

By continually striving to maintain high standards of equipment, crew and sustainable working practices, GLS has built a reputation for quality and dependability when you need it most. Combine this with innovative designs, flexible attitudes and a persistent attention to detail, the back up you need is always there… wherever you are, whatever the event.

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Here's a few more things we offer.....

It’s not all just about lights, it’s about people too. Great people.
Great people need investment too, so here are some other services we can provide not just for our Freelancers and Staff, but also for yours!

BS7909 C Course (2 days)

£345 (+vat)
A 'must' for any person designing Electrical Temporary Electrical Systems
  • 2 day course

  • Buffet lunches included

  • Certification

Visualisation Suite

£200 (+vat)
What You See Is What You Get ....'Depence² ' on what you are looking for. The perfect way to programme your show without sitting in a cold venue for days ......
  • Option 1: Stand alone daily hire

  • Option 2: F.O.C with sizable GLS tour

Mental Health First Aid Course (2days)

£300 (+vat)
Get in the know: Mental Health First Aid starts with you!
  • 2 day course

  • Buffet lunches included

  • Electronic Certification

  • *PSA individual member funding offers available

Emergency First Response First Aid Course

Coming soon.... A 'must' for all freelancers
  • 1 Day Course

  • First aid training covering emergency protocols.

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GLS Lighting offers training too

Updated BS7909 training dates:

Due to unforeseen circumstances, we are having to postpone our February BS7909 course . Upcoming dates are now Thursday 13th /Friday 14th April 2023 To book a place, just drop …

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